Welcome to #YOLG & Weird Picture of the Week

A quick little shout out to the lovely folk who have added their Dirty 30’s over the past week.

If you want to join the challenge its not to late to send me your Dirty 30.  The start time will be when I publish your list and you’ll have 12 months from then to complete. Mail your list to bongo@ocpod.com

I’ve also picked out the weirdest submission picture of the week. It’s a doozy.

Welcome Tom @GunslingerX1983 who has listed 534 hours of gameplay.

Wish him all the best with his aim to tackle the W.A.S. game Deadly Premonition.  Good luck with that one.


Also joining the band of Yolgers this week is Paul @Daddyicken who has already posted a #VictoryAchieved by completing the first of his list, Resident Evil 5.

The dreaded game that jumps out at me from Paul’s list is Styx: Master of Shadows.  Haven’t heard great things about it but you find your fun where you find your fun.  Paul has listed a very achievable 302 hours of gameplay.

Welcome and good luck to both of you.

Weird Picture of the Week

BastionThe weirdest submission picture of the week has to go to Chris @ChrisMJW for completing Bastion.  I have no words. #ginger

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