Unfarted 4

uc4mainUpdate: 08.12.16

With DOOM out of the way I’ve selected Uncharted 4 to go back to and finish.

I left it, for no particular reason other than ‘oh shiny’ at chapter ten.  After firing it up again I was in for a real treat.  I’ve said before that this is probably the most attractive game I have ever seen running on a console and I stand by that. OMG this is so sweet.  I love the characters and it was like getting together with some old friends again.

uc4draggedThe level finds you climbing a bell tower and solving a puzzle on the way with disastrous consequences.  Our protagonists are about as delicate as I am clumsy.

After ‘reconfiguring’ this beautiful building your party has to make a hasty retreat out of the town.  This is where the joy, joy feelings are.  This chase was part of footage shown at E3 before the launch of the game.  You grab a jeep and bump and bash your way through streets and gardens while being chased by armored cars and goons on motorbikes.  I thought it was spectacular.

On a critical note:  Getting back to the game was a little jarring.  What I mean is the way you control the camera is quite floaty.  Maybe this is slightly exaggerated by my 9ft wide screen.  It took ten or fifteen minutes for my brain to adjust.

I am once again slammed with why I left this game?  Looking forward to spending some more time with these great characters.


Wow! It’s been a bust few days.  I’m totally gobsmacked at the reaction and feedback we’ve received about #YOLG.  It’s all been wonderful, thank you.

Well, back to actually playing games tonight rather than typing about them.

cliffSOS!  I’ve been ship wrecked on a tropical island and have a load of crazy cliffs to climb.  Breath taking drops and beautiful scenery.  Poor old Nathan fell quite a few times but he brushed himself off and away we went again.  I would love to be able to do a quarter of the things he tackles.  The mans a beast at bloody everything.

We hook up with Sam his brother again after he disappears during a slight boating mishap and almost magically appears again.  Don’t you just love game writing. Not a mention of how he survived the ‘mishap’.  See…..no spoilers here. (BTW Dom Dies)  Not quite sure if I like Sam, feels a little selfish to me. Opinions vary I’m sure.

Nice little tip if your playing this.  There is a lot of lifting and door opening to be done all through the game where you have to mash the triangle button (or Y as it should be).  In the settings you can change it so as you don’t have to mash the button, just hold it.  Much better.


Goodness, so little time for gaming over the past few days.  Don’t know about you but I need my daily fix and it just hasn’t been possible with one thing and another. Anyhow………. fired it up tonight for a couple of chapters.

piratebayI left my intrepid adventurers at the start of chapter 14.  They have finally discovered the pirate base we’ve been searching for and of course only a few steps away from the hidden treasure. NOT.

Of course not, this game like any a movie drip feeds. Almost at the goal and you realise the goal is nothing more than another clue. (National Treasure springs to mind)  Still, I don’t care, getting to wherever I’m going is a hell of a lot of fun.  The visuals of this overgrown encampment are postcard perfect.  I’ve been treated to some great action sequences tonight finishing up in a hell of a reveal.  I really don’t like Sam. Can’t say more than that.

I’ve completed two chapters tonight and next time I’m able to play we’re going flash back to when the lads were boys.

Going to bed quite satisfied with my time with game. It’s going to be a contender for my GOTY. Shock horror spook!


bridgeChapter 16.  OK, OK, I get it……back story.  The two boys wander around an old house in search of a maguffin to explain why they’re called what they are.   Still, a few years younger and the woman and I would’ve been havin’ a chat. (I am despicable)

Thankfully, all is explained and we’re back to the future adventuring again after a significant other appears again.  Very cute.


ucWhat a great session I had tonight.  Hooked up with my favourite partner we climbed, jeeped, roped and shot our way around a fantastic level full of wonderful set pieces.   I’m starting the feel that the end is in sight.  The game is ramping up and all the key players seem to be converging.


It is done.  I’ve heard people say that they were ready for this game to be over but for me it was just right.  When it ended it just kept on making me smile.  I have never played a game like this.  It was so close to playing a movie.  The story telling, the cut scenes and the transitions, from them into gameplay…….totally stunning.

Please excuse me wittering on but I am totally bowled over by what Naughty Dog have done here.  This game is a must play.  Is it a game worth investing in a PS4 for?  Damn straight it is.  Is this likely to be my game of the year?  It’s going to be right up there.

img_1054-2So, what have I learned from my adventure in #YOLG so far?

Firstly how stupid I’ve been not finishing this game.  It warms my heart that I have made a good call with the games I am going to be playing for the foreseeable future. If I get half as much pleasure from the rest of the games I have on my Dirty 30 as I have from this I’m going to have a ball.

#VictoryAchieved  Game Complete.


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