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Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

Updated 14.01.17

What can I say? I love Lego games, I love Star Wars.  A match made in heaven.

The gold version came to me when it was on sale a few months back and I’d played a few chapters and left it.  Nothing wrong, just as per usual something new and shiny came a callin’.

This is a good Lego game.  There have been so so ones but this is solid.  Having the game based loosely around the movies is an extra pull for me.  It looks great, plays as a Lego game should and has a few new little wrinkles added when you’re building a pile of blocks into something useful.  Now you have the choice to build your MacGuffin in various spots to achieve different outcomes.  Neat.

Still, not really sure I like the dubbed voices from the film laid onto my little plastic characters.  They did this with a few other games and it didn’t particularly work that well either.  I prefer the gibberish talk of the original Lego Star Wars.

Anyhooo, playing it, enjoying it.


Had a great session tonight with my elven year old son CharlieBop.  We had a great laugh and it was lovely working together to solve the puzzles.  Hats off to Lego games for bringing sons and fathers together.


LeiaThat was so much fun.  I love the way they inject the humour into these games.  This had us chuckling on several occasions.  Gotta say I felt a pang of sadness when playing as Leia.

The game is complete and the odd dodgy audio clip aside this is a great game with a ton of fan service for Star Wars fans.  I would happily recommend it for young and old alike.

#VictoryAchieved Game complete.


Lego Star Wars


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