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SwitchIn this topsy turvy world not everything makes sense and my purchase of a Nintendo Switch is one of those things.  Do I need it? No.  I could waffle on about how it’s important as a host of the Overseas Connection Podcast that I stay on top with new equipment blaa, blaa, blaa.  I just wanted one.  #dealwithit

Thankfully a late birthday present of the collectors edition of Zelda and some credit on my WiiU sets me up the position that I haven’t had to dip into my budget.  Not that there is anything at all wrong with buying a new game but I’m in that frame of mind this year and I’m going to stick to what I set out to do.

OK, first contact and impressions of my Switch.

It arrived yesterday.  The delivery guy had the efficient idea of leaving it on my back door step.  Thanks for getting it to me delivery guy but it was raining like bejesus all day.  When I arrived home to a very soggy Amazon box I was a little miffed.  The main packaging fell apart as I opened it but the unit itself seemed OK.  I fired up a live chat with an Amazon Rep. and to their credit they offered an option to send it back or a £50 credit.  The credit is now sitting in my account.  Happy days.

Vita V's SwitchI was expecting it to be quite small but it really is smaller than I thought.  If you were to cut a Xbox jewel case in half that’s about the size of the screen.  When the joycons (ROFL) are attached to the sides it stretches out into a long rectangular beastie an inch or two longer than a Vita.  (I’ll take a photo and compare the two)

For its incredibly small form factor and seemingly fiddly little buttons it sits very well in your hands.

Firing the unit up it has a very clean and simple U.I.  Access to your games, settings, screenshot albums is very similar to Wii & U.  Familiar, it feels familiar.  You’ll be playing away at your first game really quickly.

Popping the hand held into the letter holder the swap over to a big screen is immediate and thankfully it is a very simple step.  Sadly there is no audio out on the letter holder so I’m going to have to find another solution for getting the sound to my surround system.  I’ll probably have to input from the headphone jack manually.

Another annoyance that I’ve noticed but not fully tested is the poor WiFi connectivity away from the base.  I have solid WiFi signal coming out of my Nighthawk Router but the Switch seems to only to be able to receive two bars in certain rooms where other devices in the house would be full to the max.  Will have to test this more.

I’ll chat some more on the podcast tonight about my first impressions and time with Zelda.


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