Unfarted 4

uc4mainUpdate: 08.12.16

With DOOM out of the way I’ve selected Uncharted 4 to go back to and finish.

I left it, for no particular reason other than ‘oh shiny’ at chapter ten.  After firing it up again I was in for a real treat.  I’ve said before that this is probably the most attractive game I have ever seen running on a console and I stand by that. OMG this is so sweet.  I love the characters and it was like getting together with some old friends again.

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I’m Doomed!

So here I go setting out on my epic quest.  The challenge is before me and I’m ready to roll.

I’m going to try the first couple of posts by giving you some preamble about my time already spent with each game before I start playing and then an update after I get back into it.

The Preamble

doomFirst up is DOOM!  I left this back in June to tackle something else, no idea what it was but rest assured it was new and shiny.  Why did I leave it?  Hmm, I think I was getting a little bored with it.  It is a beautiful game but the relentless attack after attack by ever harder monsters was leaving me feeling a little beaten up.  If I remember correctly I first played it in fits and starts and totally forgot the controls over and over without actually dedicating some proper play time to it.

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What is? The Year of Living Gamegerously

Hi everyone.

Recently its struck me how many games
that I’ve bought and not finished.  The last couple of years has been great for gamers with a glut of fantastic AAA titles and Indie games.

Like a lot of us I couldn’t stop myself hitting the buy button over and over again.  This just doesn’t make sense.  The desire for the new and shiny is strong but not completing hundreds of pounds worth of great games is kinda crazy.

The realisation of this endless money pit has hit me and a plan to tackle my addcition has started to take shape.

I’m going to finish what I started.

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