It’s a hit!

Two months into The Year of Living Gamegerously and I am gobsmacked at how well you’re all doing.

Almost 170 games have been completed during this time with four Yolgers already with 10+ titles bagged.

It’s been amazing watching everyone enjoying their backlog.  Of course there will always be a few exceptions with a head banger of an old game doing your nut in.

So, just a quick work of encouragement and a mighty big thanks for joining in with your Dirty 30’s, listening to the 30 Dirty Minutes podcast and actively chatting about this crazy group we have going on social media.

Enjoy your gaming and keep those #VictoryAchieved Tweets coming.



Gis a gottle of gear.

Metal GearUpdated 22.03.17

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

To be totally honest the game scares me.  Not in a hide behind a cushion sort of way but just the scale of the thing, its daunting.  When I first bought the game, early last year, I played it for a couple of hours.  I was amazed and bewildered by the opening chapter but as it started to settle down and I arrived at the oil rig for the first time the amount of options and menus sorta put me off.

Between then and now many of my friends have raved about how good this game is. So, I took the advice of a bud and bought myself a guide.  I find myself now in the correct frame of mind to tackle this monster.  I think part of the problem was that I was trying to rush the game,  trying to understand everything and all the options from the outset.  My attitude has now been adjusted and I am enjoying slowly working my around the wonderful world that is Metal Gear Solid V.

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The Force of Bacons

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

Updated 14.01.17

What can I say? I love Lego games, I love Star Wars.  A match made in heaven.

The gold version came to me when it was on sale a few months back and I’d played a few chapters and left it.  Nothing wrong, just as per usual something new and shiny came a callin’.

This is a good Lego game.  There have been so so ones but this is solid.  Having the game based loosely around the movies is an extra pull for me.  It looks great, plays as a Lego game should and has a few new little wrinkles added when you’re building a pile of blocks into something useful.  Now you have the choice to build your MacGuffin in various spots to achieve different outcomes.  Neat.

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All Units!

Halo WarsUpdated 08.01.17

Halo Wars was released way back in 2009 and is a Real Time Strategy game.  I’ve owned it for donkeys and I always meant to continue with it but just never did.  I’ve only played the first couple of chapters as seems to be the case with many of these #YOLG games.

Well, the game was fired up in earnest last night and ‘now’ is the time.  The game is set twenty odd years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved and you control beautifully detailed miniatures of Halo soldiers and vehicles against the dreaded and somewhat purple Covenant forces.

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Gears of Four

Updated: 01.01.17

At last, I managed to grab some time to sit down and start Gears of War 4.

As per usual I ramped up the difficulty to Insane and away we go…………Um, after the first ten minutes I’ve realised I’m getting to old for solo Insane.  It was ugly.  I’m glad no one was there to watch.

After a much more sensible but still challenging move to Hardcore mode away I went, happily finding my roadie run feet again.

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Rolling in the Deep

Song of the DeepUpdated: 19.12.16

There’s fire starting in my heart and its called Song of the Deep.

I had planned on starting Gears of War 4 today but that monster is installing and requires a chunky update.  It’ll not be ready until sometime tomorrow.  Don’t you just hate internet speeds out in the sticks.

Anyhow, Song of the Deep is right up my alley or ‘down my trench’ might be more appropriate.  Hmm, that sounds rude.  Well, this little game was a steal on Black Friday at only £4 and I thought I’d give it a whizz.  Metrodvainia in style and very reminiscent to Ori and the Blind Forest.

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Alan Wonk’s American Nightmare

 My oh my.

Its been a long time since I bought this DLC and even longer still since I played Alan Wake.  I hold the game in quite high regard.  Yeah, the story was jank but it was passable as a piece of pulp fiction.  I remember the original game really could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to attention.  It was chilling, weird and perfectly designed to land you over and over again into perilous situations.

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