The Overseas Connection Podcast


cropped-3x3OCPC16a-1.pngI’m one of the co-hosts on The Overseas Connection Podcast.

We’re a group of friends and mature gamers from both sides of the Atlantic who love to talk about our passion and have a good laugh.

The podcast goes out live on Twitch every Saturday at 3pm PST, 6pm EST & 11pm UK.

You can go to our Twitch page right here.

The show is a lot of fun and we have a fantastic community of like minded people. ┬áSo if you’re a mature gamer looking to be part of a great group of people and want to play and talk about games we might just be for you.

Listen in, and if you like what you hear please subscribe and pop a review onto iTunes.

The Team

Greg@OC_MurphysLaw President Business
Richard@B1gBadDaddyStud Muffin
Mark@MarkanixMr Fix It
Nicole@OC_AmahryllisShe likes to Twitch
Kim@gamergirl27Hermit Cave Dweller
Fraser@frasermooSorry, Canadian
Robin@BongotheSaneCraic Supplier

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Click here for our podcast back catalog in audio only.