New #YOLG Members & Odd Picture of the Week.

Arthur DentHello Yolgers.  It’s been a very busy few weeks for me and this coming week is no different.  So, hang in there, re-listen to some of the older 30 Dirty Minutes Therapy Sessions and when I return from my business trip at the end of the week I’ll reopen the surgery.

You now number 40+ members all working away at a common goal… get them games finished.  It’s been great receiving feedback from you about how much you’ve enjoyed the games you have revisited.  This makes The Year of Living Gamegerously a treat to administer.  Thank you.

New Yolgers

Another two lost souls joined the commune this week and I’d just like to welcome them.


Matt, @Jaybrones from America has already tided away two games, Telltale Batman and Firewatch.  He has a really interesting Dirty 30.  Some new and old titles.  Welcome to #YOLG and enjoy your gaming.



beezelBugMy namesake Robin @beezelBug from the UK is a serious achievement hunter.  When I first looked at his list I had a real WTF? moment.  He is definitely the first person to have Disney Fantasia Evolved on a list.  Looking into his profile on TrueAchievements he immediately pops to the top of my friends list as far as a score goes.  Hunt away Robin.  Enjoy your gaming.

Now for the Oddest Picture of the Week.

Rayman OriginsThis week Jason @Tephlon12 was once again sporting his vey best dressing gown when he completed Rayman Origins.  I do hope our very own Arthur Dent remembers to keep his towel with him at all times.

Keep up the great work everybody.

Speak with you soon.  You can contact me at any time if you are feeling gamacidle.  I’m here to help.



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