I’m Doomed!

So here I go setting out on my epic quest.  The challenge is before me and I’m ready to roll.

I’m going to try the first couple of posts by giving you some preamble about my time already spent with each game before I start playing and then an update after I get back into it.

The Preamble

doomFirst up is DOOM!  I left this back in June to tackle something else, no idea what it was but rest assured it was new and shiny.  Why did I leave it?  Hmm, I think I was getting a little bored with it.  It is a beautiful game but the relentless attack after attack by ever harder monsters was leaving me feeling a little beaten up.  If I remember correctly I first played it in fits and starts and totally forgot the controls over and over without actually dedicating some proper play time to it.

Fraser and Rich have this up there as 2016 Game of the Year contenders so it mustn’t be that bad and maybe I have been mistaken.  I found my love of ‘modern’ gaming through Quake and Doom so I need to find that passion again.

Lets go.



Well damn, that was good. I just played through Level 7, Argent Facility (Destroyed) and it was a rush.  Well not at first, it took quite a few silly deaths to get my head around the controls again.  I’m reminded again of how slick this game plays.  revenantThe monsters are brutal, the ammo is scarce and it really gets you on the edge of your seat.  I was hanging on for grim death on many an occasion just trying to survive the latest rush of monsters.  Towards the end of the level it really ramps it up with massive ‘devil beasts’, evil sons of bitches.  Thank the maker for a good rocket launcher.

OK, I’ve just looked it up, there are 13 levels in total.  I’m now looking forward to getting back to this.  Why did I leave it in the first place?


Another level complete, back into the flow now.  Wow, the combat feels great, smooth and fast.  The game really does make you feel like a badass and so vulnerable all at the same time.

Tonight I unlocked the good old BFG and a tasty achievement for doing so.  Love me my cheevos.

pinkyNoticed a few stutters/pauses through level 8.  At one point it froze for about ten seconds. Thought the game had crashed but away it went again.  I don’t remember experiencing anything like this before.

Remembered tonight to switch to my pistol with infinite ammo when tackling basic demons.  No sense wasting the good stuff on these boys.

Feeling good about the game.


Back to it tonight again. Looks like finishing this game is becoming a pleasure.  Another level cleared and wow it was tough at the end. I only thought I was finished with the Cyberdemon. He was one tough mother.  codex_cyberdemon-bimage

After finishing the level I thought I’d play around with Snap Map mode.  Its a really powerful editor for making your own levels.  The amount
of customisation is bewildering.  For someone with the talent and patience for this (not me) could have endless fun creating their own single and multiplayer modes.  If you’re playing this you should try out some of the user created levels.  Some of these are serious additions and some are just pure nutballs.  Lots of fun.  Don’t forget to quickly edit and publish a map for yourself to grab a sneaky cheevo.

Right, back to hell for me.


img_0923Well, tonights session hasn’t ended that well.  I’m fighting a
n end of level boss
and after having died a few times working out his moves the blinking’ thing has crashed and is currently playing heavy rock music with a rather arty frozen screen. Darn it.  I’m a bit annoyed.  Time for bed.  Grrrrr.


Saturday morning and theres nothing like a lazy morning of gaming.  Fired Doom back up and breezed through the section I was stuck on last night.  If you sigh a breath of relief after killing an end of level baddie in this game you’ll soon need to catch another.  Killing one big boss is never enough, after that one they through  couple more of his brothers at you with nothing but revenge on their minds.

little-doomNot sure how many chapters there are left but its starting to ramp up and it feels like the end is near.  I’d love to get this completed before the show tonight.  Will have to try and fit it in.  Its that time of day of a Saturday when my life turns into ‘daddies taxi’.


Oh yes, I’m rushing towards a finale and the devil and his brother are being chucked at me.  What a awesome first person shooter.  I think I’m now at the last boss but I’m not going to have time to finish it of before the show.  NOTE: I’ve failed three times, it’s going to take a bit of work for an old fella like me.


Many years ago my favourite first person shooter was Quake.  I loved it, played it to death, I loved the gameplay, the weapons and the monsters.  This game, DOOM is all that.  Its slick, smooth as butter and challenging even on easier modes.

I’ve now completed the campaign and I’m happy I have.  I’m not going to touch the multiplayer because as good as the game is I think the style of it is from another time.  This is not to take away from how good it is, its damn good and really enjoyable but I’ve had my taste from the past with a modern spin and I’m ready to move on.

Should you play it if you have it or if you can get it cheap?  Oh, yes.

I’d give it a solid 8 out of 10.img_0954

Victory Achieved! #yolg


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