Do I have bad breath?

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Updated: 12.04.17

Confession:  I have never completed or spent a lot of time with any of the Zelda games.

So, with that statement in mind I’m coming at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild completely fresh with little knowledge of the lore or mystic built up around this series.

I’m playing it in mixed formats, sometimes on the hand held sometimes with it fired up on the big screen.

Breath of the WildI’ve played around five hours and first impressions are good.  Graphically it is beautiful in its own way.  The visuals aren’t photo realistic vistas but stylised in soft pastel brush strokes that make it absolutely enchanting.  Its running as smooth as Link’s perfect skin and the draw distances are very impressive.

The gameplay is so easy.  I don’t mean the game is easy but that it is so easy to play.  It feels comfortable.  Take Skyrim or the Witcher as examples of gritty and sometimes dark worlds.  Now imagine the exact opposite for Breath.  Its light airy and fun but with the depth of those games if you need it.

To finish this segment where I started:  I was not a Zelda fan…….I am now a fan of this game.


I’ve parked the game for a while until my next big trip.

More to follow.

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