Catwoman may not be a virgin.

Telltale BatmanTelltale’s Batman started off with lots of promise with great new graphics and hope of a smoother experience.

Sadly and to the detriment of the game the engine powering this walkabuttonathon is still severely lacking.  It was a stuttering mess in places and at this stage I can’t find myself in a place to forgive Telltale.

CatwomanIt’s not all negative, the story is quite engaging with Telltale taking their spin on the Batman universe.  This approach allowed for some unexpected surprises in the story beat.  Interestingly, Catwoman and I made some sweet, sweet music.  Splooosh!

The combat worked very well, in fact I’d go as far as to say that this is the best its been in any of these games.

So, its another Telltale game, a big bag of all right.  Put that on the box.

#VictoryAchieved Game complete.

Telltale's Batman


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