What is? The Year of Living Gamegerously

Hi everyone.

Recently its struck me how many games
that I’ve bought and not finished.  The last couple of years has been great for gamers with a glut of fantastic AAA titles and Indie games.

Like a lot of us I couldn’t stop myself hitting the buy button over and over again.  This just doesn’t make sense.  The desire for the new and shiny is strong but not completing hundreds of pounds worth of great games is kinda crazy.

The realisation of this endless money pit has hit me and a plan to tackle my addcition has started to take shape.

I’m going to finish what I started.

flowers_logo_smallSetting myself a budget of £100 for 2017 will be the start.  I will buy Mass Effect Andromeda, Red Dead Redemption 2 and with whatever is left I’ll pick up some Indies if the pull is strong enough.

I have such a rich list of games that are calling out to be finished that sacrifcing a year playing them shouldn’t be a punishment but in theory, a pleasure.  Building in a budget allows me to stay in touch with the community with Mass Effect & Red Dead.  Not buying these would be torture.

My Dirty 30

This is the list of games that I want to finish and doesn’t even touch on titles such as Elite or multiplayer monsters like The Division.  Maybe your list is as big if not bigger than mine.  Let me know.

What you need do.

Is that pile of shame getting you down?

Are you pressing the buy button just because you can?

Not finishing what you’ve bought before moving onto the next?

If this is you then it’s time you were Living Gamegerously.

Join up. Become a Yolg.

Your game collection NEEDS YOU! 

1st Dec 2016 – 1 Dec 2017

  • Don’t collect, complete.
  • List your dirty 30.
  • Budget and budgnot.
  • 30 all done?  Time for new fun.
  • Email your Dirty 30 list to bongo@ocpod.com
  • When you complete one of your Dirty 30 send a tweet to @OC_Podcast with the hashtag #VictoryAchieved and #yolg.
  • Two things will then happen, you’ll get a great big cheer on the weekly podcast and will also be entered into our quarterly free draw for real gaming currency……cash.  BTW If you win this you can spend it on a new game. 🙂
  • As a lovely little bonus all of you who complete your Dirty 30 within a 12 month period will get a lovely and very rare Overseas Connection Coaster.  How could you resist?
  • BTW If you miss the 1st of December start don’t worry, you can join in at any time by selecting your Dirty 30 and completing them within a twelve month period. We’ll cheer you no matter when you start.  Think of it as a ‘special support group for special people’. 

I’m going to keep this blog going, updating my progress with some commentary on my experiences sprinkled with the odd review and some banter.


I encourage you to join me.  The worst that will happen is that we complete some great games and then grab some fabulous bargains with the best of what we’ve missed throughout the year.

Please share ‘your’ Gamegerous Journey with us.

And so, it begins.

The Year of Living Gamegerously.

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