Almost Done.

Almost Done2017 is almost complete but despair not my #YOLGing friends because you will NEVER be done.  That would normally be a depressing statement but in gaming its one of the best things ever.  We are spoilt for choice with the variety of games there are to play……new shinny…….ohhh, must have.

For me, 2017 and The Year of Living Gamegerously has been fantastic.  The way you guys have taken to this has been heart warming.  Its also driven home to me what I already and an idea off……..we weren’t finishing our games.  We spend 100’s of  pounds every year on the new and shinny only to dip into it and set it aside for the next purchase.

The great thing about #YOLG and the feedback I have received is that you ‘have’ been completing and more importantly you’ve been having fun doing it.  It hasn’t been a chore, you’ve found great gaming in these ‘older’ titles.

The big bonus for those of us who have been slightly more reserved this year in buying on day of release is that we’re reaping the benefits of games that were £50/£60 a few months ago being £20/25 or less.  Enjoy.

So, thank you for taking part and listen out on the podcast to see whats in store for 2018.

Happy New Year to you all.

#YOLG will continue until you’re finished.


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